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Andre Maintenay

Inquisition This is a systematic program of interrogation in medieval times Led by church but delegated out to secular authorities. The church directed it in a board way and the secular authorities implemented. It was aimed at removing heresy and wrong believes, and took more severe action against heretics. They tortured and punished heretics. The most brutal one was in Spain. Theologically, It asserted that wrong believes were led by devil. It was associated with witch-hunting phenomenon, which was aimed at eradicate witchcraft. Widows and women were more likely to be accused as witchcraft. The inquisition was interrogating whether they were the instrument of evil. Martin Luther He was a German priest and professor of theology who initiated the protestant reformation. He was initially studying law, after surviving in a thunderstorm, he became a monk. He then became a prolific writer in religion. Background: many people before him had criticized the degrading church. He was highly critical of 1) The simony, where selling and buying clerical offices without being there to give people clerical guidance. 2) The indulgence, which means faith in Jesus and God, is not enough and people should do charitable practice l
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