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Andre Maintenay

Franciscan order Francis of Assisi: He was living in 12 century as the son of a wealthy merchant in central Italy. Once he got ill, he had a dream of God calling him. God told him to save his church. Firstly, he focused on physical renovations of the church but finally realized that the call was more about the spiritual repel of church. Then, he became a monk, establishing Franciscan order. The problems: there repeatedly was a concern that the established church had investigated them too many in worldly affairs, too wealthy and powerful, too much associated with the elite and the powerful in society, rather than the poor, the unprivileged in the society. Solution: Movement in restoring the church to its tradition. The monks took a vow of poverty so that they would live simplistically and would invest themselves in social and community work in addition to spiritual work. Community work: One of the elements that became central to monastic tradition was the community work, they tried to be self-sufficient in cultivating their food supplies. Monastery Institution of monasticism. It attracted both poor and rich, then monasteries became wealth, they controlled tremendous resources of wealth. The institutions lost their ideas of simplicity, humbleness a
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