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University of Toronto St. George
Andre Maintenay

st Hinduism Dec 1 Indus Valley Civilization Aryans : Indo-European; Sanskrit Cedas --- Vedic religion RTA Asvamedha Brahmins Ahimsa Sramana Indic Worldview Anadi The Vedic Religion, idea of sacrifice -- idea of sacrifice; -- How does sacrifice come into the idea of RTA -- sacrifice: dominant way to support the circle; our ritual way of acknowledging the circle; -- self- consciously engage in our part to contribute to that cirle; Elements in nature -- Vedic sacrifice was highly specialized and symbolic. All those rituals acts that people engage to sacrifice were highly symbolic; each element in the ritual means something; -- always conducted around the fire fire is a very important element: most effective element in communication; -- takes use of various natural forces: wind energizing, moving everything around; manifest the breath our body; element of fire manifesting in our body: warmth -- recognize extensively the power of nature -- saw the extension of these power from the outside from the inside: wind(outside), breath(inside); fire(outside), warmth(inside), water(outside), body fluid(inside); -- between macro and micro, from outer to inner; Rituals -- lots of rituals develop to further recognize these power; -- some rituals could be very expensive and involve with the whole community, takes years to complete the sacrifice; while some were modest, and takes only a family to finish; -- e.g. Ascamedha: 12-year long ritual performed by a priest and initiated by a king: Political event as well as religious event, and involved the whole community; Political event aimed at political supremacy; King claims to be the most political leader in the area. How did it go: after everyone is cleansed: Especially chosen horse: let loose, whenever it wanders, the king claims the territories as his own. Followed by kings army, and remove any conflict that might be caused by resistance;
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