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RLG100Y1 - lecture 2

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Arti Dhand

RLG100Y1 YWorld Religions September 19 2011 y early theories about multiplicity of religion y medieval ages only Christianity further past Enlightenment different ideas of how to practicewhat is religion y until recently study of religionwestern study of religion religion seen with bias of Christianity being only religion o other religions seen as primitive Christianity seen as most modern developed religion thy study of religion really begins in 19 century o follows discovery of other cultures more access to scriptures etc o Darwinism also happening publication of his theories of creation and man evolutionshook ideas of original ideas of Creationism widely accepted by allsparks intellectual approach to religion if world went through lengthy journey of development would religion be the same thy first people who began questioning religion were anthropologists in 19 century ie Edward Tylor o became interested in traditions of Caribbean and South America lived in both areas for a whilefound commonality between 2 places in belief of spiritscoined term animism y animism is belief in a spirit or soul believed animism was common trait in all religio
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