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RLG100Y1 - Judaism lecture

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Arti Dhand

RLG100Y1 Y September 28 2011 Judaism continued y used to believe in pantheon of deities with very human characteristics very sexualized o Israelites wanted to distinguish themselves from this backdrop y ancient Hebrews vision of God y 1 Monotheism o idea of worshipping only one god over course of years became major foundation for other monotheistic religions o dedicated themselves to worship only one god ONLY one god others are fake pretenders y 2 God was beyond sexuality beyond gender beyond human conception o superseded all human ideas of sexualitygender o does not need human help y 3 God is a moral being o is not capricious jealous rather good and concerned with wellbeing of universe y 4 Gods relationship with nature is that of creator and created o nature no longer divinizedstars sun moon have no power o god is author of nature and all that exists o god is utterly transcendent of all that he created y idea of Hebrew God comes from scripture Hebrew BibleScriptures
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