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Sol Goldberg

BuddhismShramana movementassociated with aestheticisma period of homeless wanderingrejection of Vedic traditionsleave home to find answersquest for enlightenmentwho am I what am Ihotbed of ideas where Indic traditions emergeBuddhism seen as a reactionresponse to the Shramana movementBuddhismThe middle between Hinduism and JainismLook to 8 fold pathstretches back 1200 years agostarted in India moved to Asia and then to the western world in the th20 century TheravadaSouth east Asian BuddhismIndia Sri Lanka Thailand Northern Buddhism Mongolia Tibet Eastern Buddhism China Korea Japanpractice is quite diverse doctrine is diverseuncertain about amount of Buddhists in the worldChina didnt allow religion due to communismcentered around the insights experiences and teachings of its founder Siddharthaborn into the family of Gautamapart of the Sakya clanlater became known as Buddhameans one who is spiritually aware awakenednot the first to have these experiences not the first Buddhacome from a long line of teachers before him SakyamuniSiddhartha was known as the Sakyamuni means the sage of the Sakya clan 563 463BC his lifetimeeverything we know about the Buddha comes from Hagiography it is a biography from a person who practices the religion faith accountthey recount his lifehe comes from an aristocratic familyborn into a family that is privilegedonly childat the time he is born many sages come to visit himsages examine the baby and come to the conclusions that the marks on his body are auspicious and that he will be a universal emperor according to one sagehe will either be a great political leader or a great spiritual leaderhis parents hear this and his father decides that he doesnt want his son to be a spiritual leadertries to control his lifedecides to give his child all the luxuries of life so that he will not want a life outside of itraises his son sheltered from the outside worldSiddhartha grows upbecoming highly accomplished and attached to a life of luxurygets married to a beautiful princess at the age of 16starts to become curious about the worldasks his father to see the country has never left the grounds of his housefather agreesSiddhartha encounters 3 things that leave him shakenold people have been told to stay home ugly people to stay off the streets sick people hiddenfather still wants to shelter him 1 he sees an old man asks his driver what it isdriver tells him he is a man that has aged and that it happens to everyonecomes as a shock to Siddhartha this is what is going to happen to him 2 he sees a very diseased person stressed in painasks his driver againdriver tells him that people get ill and that it happens to everyone
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