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October 25 2010 ChristianityUSlargest number of Christians in the world Brazil2 Mexico3 Russia4 China5 Germany6 First Christian century has had more book written about it than any historical periodEvery word of the Christian scripture has commentary on it2 billion Christians in the world Centered around JesusBelievewas born a Jewaround 4 BCEBaptized when he was 30no idea what month or date Jesus was thbornOnly until the middle of the 6 century Christians start BC and ADBoth the Roman date of Dec 25 and Armenian Jan 26We dont know Jesus Jesus Grew up in Nazareth in Palestine Gospels of Mark tell us that there were 6 other children in the familyThe Catholic church views them as cousins as siblings Traditionally it was assumed that Jesus father died Jesus learned carpentry and stoneworking Joined a preacherJohn the Baptist John was a dessert profitascetic figurewandered placesgave a great many fiery sermonsPreached the importance of moralitythe idea the messiah would soon be comingIt was necessary therefore to be preparedWho would deliver the Jews from their troubles from Romepolitical subservience from Rome This is a period of history where Palestine is being governed by the Roman empirenationalistic fervor to regain independence and to slough off the Roman control of this area Origins of Christianity are part and parcel with Judaism of this timeMessianismMessiah will arrivepolitical control of the areaFrom accounts of his birthJesus joins John at the age of 30later he starts preaching Charismatic figurelarge following relatively quicklygifted in his use of parables and metaphorsAge 33went to JerusalemRoman authoritiestried and apprehendedeventually executed by being nailed on a crosscommon executionlarge number of Jews were executed this way From further accountsJesus belonged to the messianic age of Judaismoriginated in the Babylonian exileThe messiah the Jews expect is not only a religious leader or morally righteous but also a political leaderA descendant of Davidalso strong and powerful leader Jesus believed the kingdom in heaven would arrive in his lifetimeprepare for itThe expectation is the coming of the messiahthe rules would change and the new environment would be open to the privileged but also to the poor and ordinary people women etc and that the primary criteria was moral action less about other formal observances but not eliminating This was in the Hebrew biblenothing innovative Many sects of JudaismJesus and John had commonalities with essencesJewish framework Jesus was a man of his timeA Jew like many others Christianity began as a sect of Judaismpractices that Jesus follows were later on as Jewish practicesMore of his ethical teachings are from the Hebrew bible Jesus understanding of world view and relationship with Gd come from Jewish background Sources for constructing this account By the year 100 CE a distinct Christian literature developedfloat aroundaccounts would eventually be collected to make up the New TestamentThe primary sources of the life of Jesus are the Gospels Various accounts of his life But in the second century4 were chosen as being the most representative GospelsMark Luke Matthew and John Based on older accounts of Jesus lifeexisted in oral history among ChristiansScholarly opinion is there may have been a written account Q Gospels of Jesus sayings which may have been collected in one document translated into GreekThe understanding is that the Gospels reproduce Jesus saying practically word for word Non of the Gospel writers were members of Jesus innercirclenor did any know Jesus personally The understanding is they relied on oral traditionmay have been generated by witnessescommon sources Jesus and his companions spoke in a language called AramaicAll of the Gospels are composed in Greek Gospel of Mark is the oldest64 CE 3035 years after death of Jesus
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