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Sol Goldberg

ConfucianismFounded by Kung Fu TzuConfucius551479 BCE This being the axial agebefore the turn of the millenniumfertile periodHe is born during the Chou dynastyinto a family where his ancestors were important but they lost their influencehis father died when he was 3 Thegreat financial straintook away from his studiesmarried had children at the age of 23 his mother diedsent him into a period of introspectivespent 3 years in mourning He lived asceticallystudied the ceremonial ritesso when he returned to social interactionhe knew how society could work in a good fashion He believed he had something to contribute This was a period of political chaos He tried to access people in power to share his insightsfor the creation of an optimal social body Not successful during his lifetime He then started teaching his students and disciplestraining them to be good citizens and leaders in society It was his view to transform society from chaosthe path forward was not to look outside but one had to return with renewed interest from classics of Chinese society The 6 Classics Texts about music society etcit is because of the lack of learning society could be transformed into a much more harmonious formndHis students were more successful and by the time we get to the 2C BCEthere was a reverence for his teachingsHis ideals for governments The leaders of societies had to be le culturally orientedthis has a ripple effect throughout society Want to inspire people belowpeople will emulate him and society will transform Became the premise for governance in Chinese society and their influencesJapan Korean etcMarch 23 2011 Brings life into beingCongruent to that the relationship between monks should also be life affirmingThe concrete ethic that emergesthe ideal of Filial PietyWe owe our entire lineage a gratitude respect and reverence for giving us life and bringing us into the continuum of lifeexpress
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