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Hinduism February 28 2011 Vedic traditionComposed of 4 strands of literature SamhitasMantras composed around 1500 BCE and 1200 BCEBrammanasRitualistic commentaries on the Mantras Composed 1200 BCE and 1000 BCEAranyakascomposed in the forestless concerned with ritual and literal enactment with sacrificemore concerned with philosophical 1000 BCE800 BCEUpanishadsSitting nearsecrecysharing with the person sitting next to you Knowledge that would be passed on by the thmaster to the disciple when the disciple is fit 800 BCE6 Century BCEHistorical progression Aranyakas represent the early movement away from the ritualistic concerns with the Vedic religionsBy the time you get to the Upanishadshomeless wanderinginspire that kind of pattern of livingLeaving homes and society Upanishadsmost important part of the Vedas for Hinduism Represent the philosophical bedrock of HinduismReferred to as Vedantathe end of the VedaEvoking the endphysical end and the final word We find the basic philosophical underpinnings and presuppositions of Hinduism Content of the UpanishadsThey are traditionally memorizedOral tradition Is it vulnerable through timeNot the case in the Vedic literatureAble to identify when there is some corruption in the materialWriting was seen as for the stupid who couldnt rememberEach generation would be drilled with memorizing this materialFocused on the individualWhat is the IIn the older sections of the Vedas we see IVedic hymns that try to isolate what is the IOne part says the I is foodfood when you die etcMaybe the I is of the nature of windthe breathe in your bodya living body is breathing and the dead body is notMaybe that is the essence of lifeMaybe it is of the same nature as fireliving body is warm and a dead body is coldmanifests as heat in our body Maybe it is the same nature as waterbody composed of fluidsQuestions trying to isolate what is the meaning of I and lifeNo resolution in the 2 early texts
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