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Indic Religions

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University of Toronto St. George
Sol Goldberg

Indic Religions November 29 2010History IndiaPresent day Pakistan Nepal Sri Lanka2 main traditions that form a tapestrty where the others emergeIndus Valley CivilizationHarappa 2700 BCE y Discovered in 1926 when archaelogical excavations along the Indus River revealed the presence of an ancient civilization Multiple story homes drainage a very advanced civilizationvery literatey They found coinage and inscriptionsy Active in trade y The language has never been deciphered y Figurines which suggest that it was engaged in idol worship y Significance for animalsanimals represented in artwork and sealsy This might have been a culture that engaged in asceticismy Man sitting in yogic position figure and in artOriginated from this religion y Widespread culturey It spread into Northern parts of India y Oldest remnant of history we have for the Indian subcontinenty The next major point we can talk bout occurs in 8001000 years latery New people came into the area and destroyed themy Aryan y People who seem to be originated in Central Asia who migrated to different parts of the world in a course of 700 years y Went into Iran parts of Europe Scandinavia Britain Ireland etc some went southward into the Indian subcontinent y The theory is that these people belonged to an ancient linguistic familyIndoEuropean y The ones that went into Iran are know as Aryansthy In the late 18 early 19 CEnlightenmentColonialism y Many Europeans were present in India for various reasons y Administrators of India EnglandHow would you govern the peopleLearn their language y Sanskrit y There is a great deal of affinity between Sanskrit and languages of Europe y These are men educated in the classics of Greece and Rome y Interested in learning different languagesy Embrassed with great enthusiasm in the 19thC
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