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IslamNovember 15 2010Islammeans submission or surrendersubmission which we commit ourselves to the will of Gd Someone who professes Islam is a MuslimThe youngest of the 3 monotheistic faithsSees itself in continuity and completion of the Abrahamic religions The youngest and finalTraces its origins to the Hebrew patriarch Abraham The son which was sacrificed was Ishmael in Islam ReligiouslyAbrahams faith in the one Gd is understood by Muslimsthe paradigm of the ideal religious persontotal submission and surrenderby the act of sacrifice of his sonseen as paradigmatic of the ideal of Islam ideal to which Islam aspires toIdentifies itself as strongly connected to the Abrahamic lineage and claimsassumes this heritage religious and historicalIslam speaks as a great many prophets 5 are of importanceNoah Abraham Moses Jesus And MohammadMohammad is seen as the seal of the prophets Moses occupies most space in the Koran than any other Identifies the connection between Moses and MohammadMohammad is a younger figure who is guided mentored by MosesParallels between Moses and MohammadMoses and Mohammad both grow up as an orphanSolitude with Gd in the wilderness Recipient of Torah Torah is second to the KoranThe Koran also talks about Jesus as a revered figuremessenger of Gd to the people of IsraelAffirms many of the Christian narrativesaffirms the resurrection virgin birth etc But it categorically denies the divinity of Jesus and that Gd had a son The sacred book that they receive from Gd is seen as the final revelation by Gd to humanityMohammad is our closest contact to GdTherefore his personage is of importanceHis way of conducting himself are ways of importanceThe ideal pious lifelooking at the example of narratives of SunnahHistory thy Arises in the 7 C CEIn Arabian peninsula y Before Islam the Arabian peninsula were populated by people practicing jahiliyahTo the Muslims they are associated with ignorance They were polytheistic Tribal communitiesthe virtue and loyalty to the tribe was paramountglorified war HonorableMarshal velour and military mighty Bedouin world viewones community spirit identified with ones tribe y This is the Arabian peninsula before Islam y Islam has its roots in the trading town of Mecca y In this century Mecca was a huge trading center y Well known for its shrine called the KabahAssociated with the arrival with Hagar and Ishmael on the peninsula Before Islam it is dedicated to numerous DeitiesWith Islam it is rededicated with the one Gdit is now the most sacred shrine of Islamattracts millions of pilgrims all over the world mostly during the Hajpilgrimage to the Kabah at least once in their lifey Before Islam Mecca was thriving merchant cityAlso therefore an area of diverse religious influences Christian and Jewish etcy Meccan society was divided by various tribesthe most influential tribe was that of the QurayshThis was the tribe which Mohammad was born intoMohammadIslam is centered around the revelations of MohammadWe do not know very much Born in 570 CEfather died before his birth and his mother died shortly after Cared for by his grandfather and his uncleWe know very little about his youthWe know he worked a company of caravans to Syria and many other place We know that he came into the employment of a wealthy widow named Khadijaeventually they marriedhenceforth he was financially free to focus on a religious life than material matters
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