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Sol Goldberg

Judaism HistoryEthnic traditionidentified by a nation of peopledescendants from 4 fathersseen itself as a people tied together by a history Ultimate destinies are intertwinedPremised on a pious involvement in the faith secular Jews and atheist are okHistory and ancestry of the peopleAgainst the backdrop of the Mesopotamian civilizationsMesopotamian religions practiced polytheistic traditions and idol worship In early forms was referred to the religion of the Hebrew peoplesElements of nature were divinized and deities were understood by having a certain gender In their cosmogonic stories about the world and earth mythsrepresented by the sexual union of different gods and goddesses coming togetherJudaism was concerned with getting way from these amoral anthropomorphic Gds Early doctrines of JudaismRevolutionary in this time period Monotheismearly was not the same as later on The commitment to worship one Gd laterthere is only one Gd Various names emerged for the deity Over the course of history their Gd was not one among many but there was only one Gdmonotheism as it is todayEarly Hebrews insisted that this Gd was beyond sexuality and genderGd had no sexual purpose no need to populate with other beings to produce the universebeyond sexualitycreation of the universe can be achieved by GdWanted to understand Gd as a morally disposed beingGds nature is not erraticGd is good and Gd is concerned with the welfare for the universeGds relationship with nature was that of creator and createdNature is no longer seen as divinized Gd is the author of nature Gd is transcendent beyond human ability Major source for information about evolution and history is a set of scripturesHebrew Bible Hebrew bible set of Jewish faith24 books Hebrew BibleRituals religious events festivals psalms and liturgyRecord of Jewish historyWritten by MosesNot historically verifiableThe books of the bible were probably transmitted orally before committed to writing 3 Sections1 the Torahthe teaching5 booksPentateuch Greekmeans5 Scrolls Stories of Adam and Eve Moses Noah directives of correct ritualIn its broader meaning it means teachingsometimes the whole Hebrew bibleOral and written teachings 2 Prophets NevimAll the accounts of the prophetsembarks the message of Gd to the Jewish people 3 ketuvim WritingsLiterary natureShort stories part of the TanachGenesisFirst 12 chaptersdescribe the primeval creation of earthCreating lights Light from darknessday and night 2 Creates heaven and earth Gd creates everything in the universeShabbatFriday sundown to sundown on SaturdayBook 2 of GenesisVegetationGarden of EdenCreates EveTaking a rib from Adam to make EveMale and Female Gd created themMan is made from the dust of the ground and women made from manText critical studies of the Bible says it contains the narratives of several different authorsOctober 4 2010Biblical scholars were able to identify that there are multiple strands of narration that compose the Hebrew BibleIt is composed of stories that have descended from several sources not a document composed by one person but rather a composition of many sourcesPhilological MethodExample the P source is a priestly perspective and E sources is referring to Gd from geographic area Content From the creation of the world we see the fall from grace when they are expelled from the Garden of EdenHumanity disobeys Gd and shows a lack of moral senseThe pain and the suffering of human life is thus understood as being the result of this primal fall from Gds good graces
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