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Rituals and Practice, the Modern Period

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Andre Maintenay

World Religions Rituals and Practice, the Modern Period Reading: Ch. 2 The Jewish Tradition, pp. 101-128 Genesis From creation of worldAdam & Eve fall from garden of Eden. Humanity disobeys god and therefore show a lack of moral sense. Banished from garden and painsuffering humanity experiences is understood as being result of this pr. Humanity must live from distance of God Narrative of fall: why we suffer, why snakes slither on the ground, why different sexes, why women suffer pain in childbirth etiological explain some condition of being Like God, human beings have moral capacity to choose to obey Gods will Noahs Ark: God wipes out all of humanity and attempts to restart it over again Limitless ambition of humanity by building tower Chapter 12: call of Abraham: story of people of Israel in relationship to God Abraham known as first patriarch of Judaism God tests Abraham and asks him to sacrifice his son as one would sacrifice an animal Abraham does this unhesitantly, obediently, and prepares to kill his son Isaac God spares Isaac and identifies Abraham as one most worthy of conveying Gods will to future generations God decides to enter into a covenant (enter into contractual, legally binding relationship where each side has certain obligations to fulfill) with Abraham God will keep Abrahams family in his favor, however Abraham and his descendants are obligated with their commitments to venerate with only one God, follow his directives Abrahams devotion to this relationship is to be valued through circumcision religious bond established between God and descendants of Abraham (covenant bond) History interpreted as revealing how well Abrahams people have done in holding up their side of that covenant God punished Israelis when they do not obey him, God blesses when things go right God had to choose a people in order to set example for the relationship bw humanity and God Abraham is paradigm for what should be humanitys way of engaging with God, complete and utter obedience, faith, confidence in his judgment Book of exdeice: major events - Hebrews as slaves in Egypt God orchestrates their release from slavery under leadership of Moses
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