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Christian Origins, Paul, Early Church Doctrines, Monasticism

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Andre Maintenay

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World Religions Christian Origins, Paul, Early Church Doctrines, Monasticism Reading: Ch. 3 The Christian Tradition, pp. 131-174 Largest number of Christians in the world: 1. United States 2. Brazil 3. Mexico 4. Russia 5. China 6. Germany 7. Phillipines 8. UK 9. Italy 10.France 11.Nigeria 1 Christian century has had more books written on it Practically every word of Christian testament has had commentaries written on it Approximately 2 billion Christians in the world (13 of worlds population) Christianity centered around figure, Jesus Jesus was born a Jew around 4 B.C.E. Was baptized when 30-years-old No idea when datemonth of his birth Not until middle of 6 century that Christians begin to recentaine before and after the birth of Jesus th th Roman date of December 25 and Armenian date of January 6 , both are of later origin, we dont know his actual birth date Jesus grew up in northern Palestinian town Gospels tell us of at least 6 other children in his family (4 brothers and sisters Gospel of Mark) Catholic church views siblings as cousins rather than siblings Traditionally assumed Jesus father died as there is a complete silence of him Jesus learned stone workingcarpentry (fathers trade) About age of 20, joined preacher John the Baptist solitary, iteanic figure giving many fiery sermons and preached importance of morality in the context of the idea that the messiah will soon be coming and it was necessary therefore to be morally and ethically prepared for his coming who would deliver Jews from their troubles with Rome Time in Israel when Romans governed it Nationalistic feuvere developing in Palestine to regain independence and end the Roman rule Shortly after joining John the Baptist, Jesus began preaching
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