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The Indic Worldview

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Andre Maintenay

World Religions November 22 , 2011. The Indic Worldview Reading: NONE The south Asian tradition Indic worldview, whole different way of conceiving the world, understanding how it works, our relationship to world & each other, very different from Abrahamic traditions. Note: all points are Sanskrit terms st 1 point of Indic Worldview anadi, meaning without beginning, refers to the understanding of the way that the universe works, universe always is, will always be, continues going but is constantly changing, therefore we see transformation of various types (dramatic, minimal), universe always been here. 2nd point kala, meaning nature of time, with reference to the idea of the movement of time, god created the universe and from this moment we started to mark historical time, if universe ha always been going then how do we understandmark time? Therefore we say that south Asian tradition understands movement of time in a different way. Time movement in rhythms, sometimes in evolving or degenerating cycle (wavelength) for eternity. Positive phases (spiritual) or degenerating phases (moral, spiritual sense) Jane understanding of time Hindu understanding of time is that time moves in cycles, e.g. you have a certain phase at which creation happened, it physically, morally, spiritually evolves in a certain pattern and once it reaches the top of the circle (apex), it started to devolve again and eventually it gets to a point of no return and self destructs but befo
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