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Arti Dhand

RLG lec 23 jan 25Buddhism ththy Shramana movement 9 cent bce5 cen bce o Buddhism Emerges from intellectual env from the shramana mvnt y Buddhism is a missionary traditionreligion y 3 major cultural regions of Buddhism o Southern Buddhism Theravada Southern part of asia vitenam Thailand o Eastern Buddhisn Mahayana China Korean Japan o Northern Buddhismyoungest of the three Tantric Mogolia Tibet etc y Siddartha Gautama Budda means someone who is enlighten aware etc tho Grew up 563483 6th 5 cen BCE o Was the son of the political leaders o He was apart of a clan Sakyamuni which means sage of sakyaFS o When Buddha was born there were sages that went to his house and would bless the childOne sage prophesized Buddha was going to be a leader like a king or emperor or he willlead the world and be a world renouncerwondering into the wildnerness y His parents try stopping him from being a world renouncer and wondering into the society by bringing him up in every type of pleasure and happiness so that he wont be suffering and wonder into the woods y Everything is going well till he gets married and then gets curious about everything else in life that is outside of
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