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buddhism 3

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Arti Dhand

RLG jan 30 2012y 5 SkandhasDharmas o Five component elements of human existence o 1 External form o 2 Sensations feelings that you come into contact with your form comes into contact with o 3 Interpretation of feelings when u touch something u can interpret the texture of the object your touching ex warm hard soft o 4 Decisionsact of will based on the interpretation you interpret something hard therefore u decide not to sleep on it o 5 HabitualIf u take one of these away then your identity is lost there is nothing permanent about humans o This is all called Amanmet which is the reason y Buddhism is diff from other Indic traditions y Pratitya SamutpadaFSdependent origination o Things continue in a particular way cuz o the condition that want them to continue in that way and things dont change dramatically from one thing ot the next cuz those ways dont existEx you continue to stay a certain gender because turning into a frog doesnt existAnything that happens happens because life lets it happen y Ex you are in class because nothing stopped you from coming here whereas lots of stuff help
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