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Jainism terms

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Arti Dhand

Jainism termsOrigin of Jainismfrom sramana tradition groups of people who rejected Vedic tradition characterized of giving up the social world and embrace of homelessness Aesthetic tradition They more focused on disciplining the body and depriving the body of all sorts of basic comforts food etc Also they expose themselves to external environmentThey were also concerned with moral questions ex How can we justify religion if it means harming other people This religion is structured around 24 teachers who appear in different points of history they instruct and guide people on the right path They usually appear on the downward phase of the cycle of life to refresh human learning and remind people of the core principles of learning These teachers are morally disciplined and set out guidance on how to live morally reformed lifeTrithankara or Jina in Jainism is a human being who in addition to achieving liberation and enlightenment by destroying all of their soul constraining karmas became a rolemodel and leader for those seeking spiritual guidance Trthakaras religious teaching form the basis for Jain canons The inner knowledge of all Trthakaras is perfect and identical in every respect and their teachings do not contradict one another However the degree of elaboration varies according to the spiritual advancement and purity of the society during their period of leadership So the higher the spiritual advancement and purity of mind of the society the lower the elaboration required At the end of his human lifespan a Trthakara achieves siddha status ending the cycle of infinite births and deaths Jainism postulates that time have no beginning or end It moves like the wheel of a cart Jains believe that exactly twentyfour Trthakaras are born in each halfcycle of time in this part of the universe Vardhamana Kasyapa Mahavira Referred to as the founder of Jainism and the last trithankara of Jainism He is said to have lived between 529 and 527 BCE and he was an elder contemporary of the Buddha He pursuit his lifestyle as sramana at the age of 30 He is patient with hardship and calamity He has developed an indifference to pain and pl
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