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Lecture 20

Asian Traditions History terms from text and lecture 2011-2012

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Arti Dhand

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Asian Traditions History January0812 1250 PM Lecture January 9th 2011y Tutorials start on the 20thy This term starts off with Asian traditions y Info in the syllabusy South Asian traditions will be discuss first then easty Confucius and Daoismy Territory of south AsiaRough historical backgroundy Origins from where Hinduism and Buddhism emerged from y Our sources for our studies of south Asian history are mainly two sourcesFirst is archaeologist source and second is textualyyArchaeology in the year 1896 In the area of Pakistan archaeologydiscovered to an ancient civilization called the Indus Valley civilization y Earliest excavations came from the Indus river yThese excavations revealed that this ancient civilization to the Pakistan tocentral India but rather a bigger area with all of India to Pakistany HarappaIndus valley civilizationMohenjoDaro y More or less dated to 2500 BCEy Around the Babylonian era y Settled urban cultural well planned ritual barb houses yQuite sophisticated for its time had drainage systems and worked withbronze yActive in trade with other civilizations y Literate culture through scripts and texts y Could not be decipheredyCould not be able to figure out what the civilization was like without thelanguage y The religious practices that were occurring during this time y Only could do guess work or extrapolating of the material remains yRitual barb houses connected to religious practices and connected to Indiantraditions and other Asian traditions
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