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Lecture 20

Islam terms from text and lecture 2011-2012

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Arti Dhand

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ISLAM y Most populist country of Muslims is Indonesia Pakistan India Bangladesh Turkey Iran Egypt Nigeria and China TOP TEN COUNTRIES y Diverse tradition y Muslims come from many cultures y Many geographical regions y Very few generalizations about Muslim practice that would describe the whole y Islamsubmission and surrender o Refers to total submission which Muslims commit fully to God o Act to the Hebrew patriarch Abraham o He is the ideal Muslim o Orders him sacrifice his son and is willing to fully do itfully submits y Last of the 3 monotheistic and last of the Abrahamic traditions y Sees as a continuationexpansion of Christianity and Judaism y Roots from Abraham y Arab linage through Abrahams son Ishmael maid Hagars son y Because of conflict between Sara and Hagar forced to go away to Arab peninsula y Larger history for Islamcontinuation from Judaism y Islam is considered a Western tradition because Islam sees itself as part of the Abrahamic traditions of the Hebrew Bible and traces the linage all the way back to that point y 2000 prophets and is a prophetic tradition y 5 prophetsNoah Abraham Moses Jesus and Muhammad o Received revelation from God o Moses is important to Moses and takes up most in the BibleSimilar to Muhammadorphan received message from G y Recognizes the special mandate of Jesus o The Quran forms what most of Christian holds to be true o Affirms virgin birth and death and resurrection of Jesus many miracles as well o DENIES the Jesus is any way related to God biologically Not the Son of the God just gifted o Muslim understands Jesus as welcoming and helping the disposition of the poor and disregarded y Muhammad o Born in Mecca o The Quran is the Muslim sacred book that tells us about Muhammads sermons and revelations thats the most of what we know about him o The hadithsrecollections remembrance of him by his early followerso Last of the long line of prophets o Final prophet o Sent to Arabian Peninsula o To reenergize the faith o Seals the faith o Final direct words of God o Central figure of Islam o Extremely important o Revelation he brings to the world o The life of exampleSunnahthe model of the ideal life o Muslims model the way they should live the way Muhammad has y HISTORIAL HISTORY o Arose in the Arab Peninsula o Younger than the other traditions o Characterized by a variety of practices of the uncultured and ignoranceJahiliya o Ignorant in the sense of moral practice o A futile society o Aligned along clan loyalty o To see all of humanity as your community was the view they wanted to have inside of clan affiliationo They broke these tries early on o Extend the mandate of moral humanity to encompass all the people in the community o PreIslamic community that aligned itself with tribal unity o It venerated a large number of deities o Any belief system that offered any larger vision of life than what one experiencedo People live and by their faith o Goal of lifemaintain tribal honour o Deeply obliged to fight for ones honour o The development of Islam breaks this down o It develops to the will of God o Starts in Mecca o The religions of the Arabian Peninsula were Judaism Christianity Zoroastrianism and traditional local religious practices o The supreme god Allah was an object of faith but of worship o Allahcreator and sustainer of life but remote from everyday concerns and thus not the object of cult or ritual o When Muhammad was born Mecca was already a center of religious pilgrimage o Located in Mecca was a black meteorite that had fallen to earth long before Muhammads time It was venerated because it was believed to have been sent out from heaven A squarish shrine had been constructed to contain it called theKabah o By Muhammads time yearly pilgrimages to Mecca were already common o Pilgrimage root o Structured around the Kabah o Place for merchants to gather and for others to come and pray
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