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Lecture 20

Christianity terms from text and lecture 2011-2012

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University of Toronto St. George
Arti Dhand

Christianityy US Brazil Mexico Russia are the largest Christian populations y Christian communities are in every part of the world y Form the majority of populations in NA SA EuropeChristian Origins y Centered under a person named Jesus y Little history y He was a Jew devout Jew y Born 4 BCE roughly y Days of Emperor Harod thy Roman date of Dec 25 is supposed day of Jesus y Notquite certain when Jesus is born y Grew up in Nazareth in a large family y Six other kidsCatholic interpretation is that theyre cousins y Father of Jesus must of diednot much said y Movement led by John the Baptist o He was a desert prophet o In numerous sermons talked astern ethical religion the Messiah is coming y Jesus joined him John the Baptist was executed y He started to preach and attracted a large following y Mostly the poor and disenfranchisedy Studied the Torah enough to argue it with the Pharisees y Came into conflict with Pharisees y In his teachings had a novel way of interpretation of the material Had a gift of communication Used parables to teach y Age of 33 approx went to Jerusalem to celebrate Passover at the temple y Came into conflict with Roman authorities y Executed by nailed to the cross y Deeming and painful way of dying y From the accounts of his life we can gather some info o Jesus was part of the Messianic age o Age of when Jews were suffering by various domination longed to return to their kingdom for independence and most Jews shared the hope that the Romans would be expelled that evil doers would be punished o Longing for a Messiah means anointed Gods envoy who was going to the lead the community out of its suffering into the promised land o Expectation that the Messiah would be a king or military leader o Supposed to be born in the temple of Daviddescendent of David o Turn on the millenniumjudgment day was coming o Various group preached that cleansing was needed to prepare o Jesus had an expectation that the Judgment Day was coming during his lifetime o He said focus on the important day of meeting of God o He understood what God required o Therefore emerged as a sect of Judaism o Apocalypticismtypical of his time o His practices like baptism chaste communal living were all features of Jewish livingDerived from the Hebrew Bible o Broader views are similarly reflective of his Jewish background o He was interested in Jews engage in piety and concern for ethicsTo care for othersGenuine spirit of religionNo different from any Jew of his timeDidnt want to step away from Jewish roots o Greater commitment in his own community y Primary sources of Jesus are o Biographical narrativesGospelsgood news in the NEW TESTAMENTTestament means contract or covenantVarious accounts of Jesus lifeIn the 2 CEfour gospels were identified as being authenticMark Luke Matthew and JohnWritten by later believers of the life of Jesus y Historical accuracy of New Testament statements about Jesus or the words are difficult to establishTell very little of Jesus until he began a public life has a healer and teacherThese accounts were based on other oral accounts that were floating around in the communityTaught about the Kingdom of GodMany gospels repeat the same passagesidea is that most likely Jesus messages and sayings were memorized by groups of people so oral gospel known as the Q gospelPoint of reference for gospel writersThey never knew Jesus personallyMark wrote 35 years after JesusAccounts of Jesus life are based on understandings of his community and companionsComposed in GreekOldest is Gospel of Mark y Composed roughly 65 CE
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