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Lecture note on Buddhism-Jan 24

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Andre Maintenay

January 24 Buddhism - missionary tradition - origin of India spread to all over the world o to Asia - Span of 20 years? - Culturally diverse tradition - traces its roots to the same Sramana culture (movement of dissent and protest against the mainstream Vedic religion leaving home to wilderness - SIDDHARTHA GAUTAMA 9K0:K, 430ZK48,Z,N030 , N , Sakyamuni sage of the Sakya o many Buddha(s) in the past, many to come in the future this is the one who engaged in how we live o 563 and 483 BCE: Buddhism emerges political and social turmoil o tribal republics going into kingdoms o hagiography very little we can say o Siddhartha (buddha) is born with upper class family tribal chiefs powerful, influential only son miracles surround his birth different sages go visit him sees suspicious marks either become a universal emperor renounce the world all together, a sramana parents think about the prophecy; decide to mold him into the universal emperor protect him; put him in beautiful surroundingsluxuries Buddha curious about the world so his father arranges a tour father cleans up 4 different sights that disturb him stra
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