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Lecture notes on Buddhism-February 5th

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Andre Maintenay

February 5 Buddhism Groups: 1. Theravada Arhant enlightened person 2. Mahayana UPAYA (main difference) skillful needsskill really gifted teacher has special skill that he or she brings to the work of educating Buddha is an especially gifted educator canon of scripture is never completely closed see a much greater role for common people Bodhisattva figure who achieves the KLJK089O0;0O841N34ZO0J040839039079K089,J04109073,OK,55L3088:39LO,OO other beings are able to be awakened reconceptualized the figureunderstanding of the Buddha (in other traditions (Theravada) Buddha = historical figure that achieved awakening) developed in a much more expansive way so that the Buddha is seen as a multidimensional concept - Buddha has 3 dimensionsform (3 bodies of the Buddha) o 1. appearance body reference to the historical narrative associated with the Buddha the physical form Buddha takes on physical manifestations o 2. the body of bliss the idea that the Buddha manifests himself in various ways and one way in which he does that is he creates different heavenly worldsrealms where people can be reborn like physical spaces these different realms are much more pleasurableeasier to live in than the world occupied by humans at the moment the world in which you and I are struggling (
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