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Lecture Notes on Buddhism-February 7th

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Andre Maintenay

February 7 Buddhism - the movement of Buddhism into Northern Asia China - China already had a highly developed civilization th th - 7 -11 CE Buddhism was extremely popular o Buddhist monasteries flourished - difference in language = problem with conversion - Chinese - practice = collection of texts move from monastery to monastery and gather texts o learn Indian language hire Chinese scholars uneven Buddhist text o give priority to some text over others how to determine? Identify one particular teaching (sutra) as the primary one and then look at all other texts as being supportive of that one - development of Chinese school based on different teachings they identify hold different Sutras that claim to be the most importantprimary teaching different philosophies - China started to accept Buddhism through this scholastic approach schools - 2 kinds of schools developed o 1. very scholastic teachings o 2. develops the experiential side of Buddhism 2 broad types of experience comes form the perception that we are in the declining phase of the cycle Z070L3,0J0307,90 ph
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