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Lecture on Indic Traditions-January 10th

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Andre Maintenay

th January 10 - all Indic traditions emerge from movement of dissent and critique JainismBuddhismHinduism (roots) - rebel against Vedic tradition seek answers - all have slightly different answers - same basic sets of concerns and questions seeking answers to the SAME questions o 3. SAMSARA 574.08841.4389,39.K,3J030;0703L3J24;02039419Lme and 85,.0 basic presupposition of Indic tradition inherently unsatisfactory the fact that everything is always changing source of anxiety and stress (generates) anticipate change = leads to sentiment that the Earth is an unsatisfying place to be nothing is permanent, everything changes religious seeking does not provide lasting peace and contentment o 4. PUNARJANMA 70-L79K born again everything in the world is eternal you and I are integral to the process; we keepexperience the Z47O809073,OL9 through our actions push the world along, we keep experiencing the world in new and different forms theory of transmigration just like everything else in the world, we follow the same cycle born, growth, mature, die after we die, we take on birth in a new form (going through the same cycle) the contention: this cycle
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