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Arti Dhand

RLG 280Nivrtti o Leaving the world o Orientation that focuses on moksha freedom from world o Jnana Yogapath of knowledgeDirect experiential knowledgeKnowledge that you have experienced for yourself thats true knowledgeWisdom that is personally experienced and not just told by friends or famThe knowledge that is looked for is knowledge that will show you what is real and what is unreal real in hindu language it means it is something that is eternal permanent and doesnt changeThe atmanour true selves is the only thing that is really real Everything in the universe is interconnected o Me and you are all the same we all share the same atman o How then are we differentWe have faulty perceptionAt one level of knowledge we see a particular thing one way and then when we have a higher knowledge we might have a different perceptionEx when u think it a specific object when you are in the dark and then when you turn on the light u see its something different also wen u think u c some
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