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Lecture on Islam-November 13th

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Andre Maintenay

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November 13 th World Religions RLG100 Islam - 1.3 1.4 billion Muslims around the world - 2ndlargest religion - fastest growing religion in the world - Indonesia highest population of Muslims o India 2 , Pakistan 3 , Bangladesh 4 etcth - 600 million Muslims in Canada, mostly in Toronto - ISLAM Arabic word means submissionsurrender the ideal of a person perfecting Islam is that heshe surrenders to god - Traces (lineage) back to Hebrew patriarch ABRAHAM genetic - Ishmael (ISMAIL) = parent of Arabs - Abraham = central figure of Islam view relationship with god as being the (paradine) norm of how all human beings should be with god - Islam recognized the bulk of Jewish and Christian history - sacred book of Islam Quran mentions Jewish prophets o Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad o Special significant = all received revelation from god o Moses occupies more space in the Quran than any other prophet (about 200 times) o Parallel between life of Muhammad and Moses o The Hebrew scriptures are held in very high regard by Muslims o Recognizes Jesus as a prophet and messenger of god world renouncing, wondering prophet with deep compassion willing to suffer for his people Jesus = great prophet Affirms virgin birth of Jesu
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