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Lecture on Islam-November 15th

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Andre Maintenay

November 15 th - Mecca Madina = HIJRA - Establish a community and set up foundation for how a muslim community might live - 10 years of relative peace larger society that is receptive to the message of Islam - political and civil administration st - 1 rehearsals of ritual practices - IMPORTANT PERIOD Muslims look back at this event as a utopia - instruction on civil administration, government affairs, economical affairs - Madina Secure home - Muhammad in better position to negotiate - Him and group undertake a series of battles muslims outnumbered by meccans but still is victorious and take over mecca - 632 Muhammad dies - Muhammad founder of islam tradition first and foremost a religious leader (messenger of god) political and civil leader - Muslims all over the world look to the life and example of Muhammad for inspiration and guidance - ,3O0J038,38947L08,884.L,9094:K,22,8OL10 made into a text = HADITH - 1000s of legends discussing all aspects of life o need to determine which are authentic scholarly activity - 632 small community without a leader o Muslims needed a leader so Islam practices will not deteriorate o CALIPHATEKAHALIFAT o Khalif leader of the community both a religious and political leader authorized by community to guide community on religious and political affairs chosen by elders of the cstmunity o 1 Khalif -:,N7 :K,22,817L03 70LJ3Z,88K479 ,-4:9,0,7 consolidate enter peninsula under the rule of Islam
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