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Antecedents of Indic Religions

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Andre Maintenay

World Religions November 15 , 2011. Antecedents of Indic Religions Reading: NONE Two main traditions that coalesce to form larger religious tapestry from which later tradition emerge: 1. Indus Valley civilization (Harappa civilization) 2007 BCE Scriptslanguage never been deciphered Assumptions on basis of artifacts from excavation sites figurines, which suggest might have been culture engaged in Goddess worship, e.g. exaggerated female genitalia Might have had significant respect for animals because all kinds of animals represented in artworks and seals May have engaged in forms of asceticism Initially immediate to Pakistan; later spread to northern, central parts of India Oldest remnant of history that we have for Indian subcontinent Assumption culture was lively, interactive culturally and intercultural engaged and persisted for some time eventually died off (unknown) many theories about it overrun by new peoples who entered into the area, eventually destroyed the civilization and took over 2. Aryans Originated roughly area of central Asia Migrated to different parts of world in tribes over several hundred years Some went
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