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Lecture on Judaism-October 2

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University of Toronto St. George
Andre Maintenay

October 2 nd Judaism Hebrew Bible - 8,20,8K7L89L,3L984O9089,2039- core of Jewish faithbasis - text contain the most important and fundamental issues on judaism - major doctrines - J4,3J4870O,9L438KL594K:2,3L9 - religious and ethnical - basis for Jewish life - rituals, prayers, festivals - record of Jewish history as is understood by the jews themselves - texts were first written by Moses (not proven) - 1500 years or more in existence - originally transmitted orally and then committed to writing later on 3 sections of the Hebrew Bible: 1) Torah - Pentateuch - Torah - 90,.KL3J N34ZO0J0 L35,79L.:O,770OLJL4:8O - Pentateuch - 9K01L789-44N8419K0-L-O0 - includes material beginning of history on hu2,3L9 J48.70,9L43 - e.g. contains story of ,2,3;0 4,K87N 4808 2,M471LJ:70L3-0ZL8KKL8947 0;LL2- Prophets - books named after different prophets - contain accounts of situation in which these prophets lived - .439,L3J48guidance through these figures 3) Kethuvim - :7L9L3J8 - creativeimaginative storys - hymns, songs, poetry, short story - in ritual life of tradition ~ the 3 sections are = TA NAKH - beginning of text : Genesis - J48.70,9L4341K:2,3L9OL;L3J24rally and righteously st 1 book - primeval - mythic approach to beginning of humanity - 1 12 chapters - Genesis book 1) god creates earth and elements of earth th 6thay, god creates humanity 7 day, god rests (weekly Sabbath)- period of rest - evening to the next day book 2) early experiences of humanity - god creates humanity the first 4 parents (Adam and Eve) 1 account - god created man and woman at the same time to comfort each other and support
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