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Lecture on Judaism-October 14th

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University of Toronto St. George
Andre Maintenay

October 14 th JUDAISM: - middle ages o BCE: Before the Common Era o CE: Common Era - Jewish people were affected by Christianity and Islam - Jews on the whole were not convinced by Christian teachings - PAUL made many changes shaped by the energies and the decisions made by Paul o Instrument in concluding that to be Christian 4:439K,;094-0-0ZL8K 14OO4Z Jewish laws) o Tension grew when Christianity become the state religion o As Christianity became more powerful (convert Jewish communities) Jewish just stiffened; relationship conflicted and sometimes even brought on violence o Jews considered culturally and religiously leader and allies of the Muslims from the very beginning of Islam appreciation of Jewish laws (persisted through Muslim history) - 10 and 11 centuries, Jews move away from land controlled by Turks into Spain - MOORS controlled Spain at the time - Muslims, Christians and Jews were in intellectual discourse under the Moors - Moses Maimonides born in Spain no dichotomy o Reason can only take you so far and the gaps are to be filled by religious revelation o Set up a creed of what it means to be a Jew - #0O,9L438KL5-09Z003-0Z8,3K7L89th38;,7th43ZK48L3O0,078KL5 - During the time of Crusades 10 to 14 centuries Christians as a whole were encouraged to take their Christian identity seriously and mission to oust Muslims from Jerusalem - -0Z8K,705:9,9L4341-0L3JK7L89-.LOO078 - Often not allowed to socialize with the mainstream society, so had to stay to themselves (confined to GHETTOS walled communities) great deal of suspicion regarding what the Jews were doing - 13 century the Bubonic plague 13 of Europe was killed o Jewish suffered less casualties than Christian community Blamed Jewish for the plague th - as a result of the rising hostility of Jews therefore, Jews were ousted from Spain (14 century) when Moors gave way to Catholics - moved eastward into the Middle East (Palestine) - Developed distinct cultural flavour - SEPHARDICSEPHARDIM o Huge cultural group of Judaism o Language: Mixture of Spanish and Hebrew - Other communites moved eastward and northward they developed a distinct culture of their own ASHKKENAZI o Language combination of Hebrew, German, Hungarian, Polish YIDDISH
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