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Arti Dhand

thRLG280 lecture 3113 Feb 2012TientaiTendaiAll of them from one charismatic characterCommon critiques of all of theseis that there is so much going on theologically in terms of scriptures and practiceIn this period theres one single teaching that worksFinallyanother common o All have a vast popular peel o They go out to the public and amass a followingCommon features of this new period that emerges in the late 20th centuryOne of the reasons for this sort of teachingBecause of the idea that at this period in 12th century of the Mappo Age o The idea that emerges in Sanskrit scripture in India o Around a legend in which the Buddha had predicted 15 years after his death that the dharma would decline o And so wed get into tremendous difficulty o Period going through decay degeneration and declineThrough calculation by chinese this Mappo Age would being in the middle of the 11th centuryHence it was deemed in China and Japanthat we are now in the Mappo Age o Of decline degeneration distressTherefore people have difficulty in doing things for themselves o Both cognitive difficultyintellectual difficulty o Moral is challengedHence it is much more difficult to practise the dharma or even to understand itIn the Mappo Age we need help o Need more help than we needed 1500 years agoSchool then take assumption that were in this difficultAs a result o Need simpler teaching o More compelling teacher o Greater guidanceDifferent schools emerge taking this as one of the assumptionThe schoolsPureland SchoolConcept of the pureland emerges in Sanskrit text called the Tsukao Which meansthe arrangement of the happy land not important o Idea is that in this textsketched out concept that the BodhisativaCentral conception of M tradition who has achieved all aspect of achievement but refuses to pass off in order to help everyone else achieve the same level of enlightenment o Dedicated to one Bodhisative by the name of Amitabha
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