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University of Toronto St. George
Eleanor Pontoriero

ENG210 Great Expectations Roles of Women in The NovelThe Victorian Woman In the victorian tradition the men go out into the workplace while the women holds the house The men are assertive industrious and dominant while the woman is more gentle and feminineThis was a narrow and unrealistic way of defining women Most women were married between 18 and 23 A woman of 25 or older was a spinster or old maid and it was seen as very socially inacceptable Rich spinsters were images of independent females who were successful despite not being married and thos clashed with the views on women at the time because it showed that women could survive without marriage Women who didnt marry were considered undeveloped and immature as marriage marked the sign of maturity as a woman It was also thought that unmarried women without children were selfish and less evolved However not all women could be married because in Dickens time there were about 100 males for ever 106 females This was a social problem which challenged the social institution of marriage Mrs HavishamMrs Havisham does not exemplify the victorian woman In fact she is quite contrary to ot B
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