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Arti Dhand

Wednesday January 112011primary mode of expressionsacrificeall sacrifice happens around the medium of fire It is an important element of Vedic religionfire the smoke of fire everything it produces is important part of Vedic religion and can not be done away withthe Vedic man wasnt considered whole unless he maintained an alter within the home for the entirety of his lifethere was a lamp that was to remain lit all the timehousehold fire is important for one to recognize themselves as an religion agentsmall sacrifices the daily thingsbig sacrifices community events that draws people together from all walks of life and take many years to completeASVAMEDHA example of a big sacrifice Took 12 years to perform a royal ritual Performed by a king of considerable stature had tremendous ambitionhorses were prized animals in ancient India and an important part of Vedic scriptureVedic religion and culture is all about having a concern about how youre engaging with the worldas time goes on Vedic religion becomes increasingly refined and sophisticated and develops an ideology about upholding the harmony of the universestakes are so
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