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Lecture 4

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RLG 100280LECTURE 4JUDAISM conclthe bible wasnt always agreed uponnow there is one that is used and passed down generation after generation Canoncan be used interchangeably with bibleSutuijanGreek translation of biblesometimes there are big diff btwn Hebrew and Greek etc tranlationsMishnah repetition collection of oral tradition by Rabbi Judah the Princeoral traditionlaw rdcollectiod organized and written down by Rabbi Judah the Prince 3 c and other TannaimoMidrash doesnt equal Mishnahomuch of Mishnah is a explanation or extenion of the MidrashoMishnah shows application of the law oRabbis agreed that sometime after the second temple period the time of the prophets stopped Gemarah supplement commentaries on the Mishnah1 Mishnah 2 Germarah one by Judah and one by Jews that never left BabylonTalmud Mishnah Gemarah and other commentaries printed together in large volumepage from Talmud Mishnah in the middle Gemarah after Rashi famous rabbi got his own commentary section and other commentaries around themTalmud is something that Rabbis would deal with more than regular Jew who only had contact with mostly the Hebrew bible ojewish tradition has not changed much after70CE turn of first century remained Rabbinic Judaism JudaismMiddle Agesafter 70CEfuther spread into diaspora oSephardimMediterranean areaoAshkenazim Eastern EuropeUSCanada influenced by Ashkenazim generally under Chirsitian or Muslim ruleomuslim rulersmore tolerant oChristians more aggresivesevere persecution during Middle ages modernity oexplusion ghettos and pogroms ghettoreferred to a part of the city that was walled off and Jews were supposed to live pogromsextermination by fire attempts by ppl in E Europepogrom w modern technologyholocaustGolden Age of Judaism in Spain and Portugal period of prosperity under the Moors c thth810 centuriesounder Muslim rulec 810 cent
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