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Lecture 3

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Lecture 3RLG100 JudiasmEarly History o Ten commandments shall have no other god but me shall not worship any idols or imagesshall not take my name in vainhonor the Sabbath dayhonour your father and mother do not killdo not commit adulterydo not steal do not give false evidence against your neighbor o covenanto traditional judaism100s of commandmentso bharmistvacoming into adulthood celebration trad for menmeans son of the commandments judaismislamreligions of laws and commandmentsToraa book of the law one and only one lawlaw of godchanging of the portrayal of god throughout the bible personalwithdrawnMobile altercenter piece of the alterArk of the covenanto remainder of Exodus Leviticus Numbers and Deuteronomyspecific regulations and rules of behaviouro early Israelite leadersjudges military generals o first kingsSaul DavidSolomon functioned like prophetsunder David Israelites have their first kingdomo first temple built by Solomon on hill of Zionthe house of godadded structure to Judaism center of the temple was the most holiest stop in the temple is more organizedcentralizedbut still not what to form of what we call Judaism today radical changes to comeafter the death of Solomon the kingdom splits into 2tribes go back to their referred to as the 2 kingdoms northern kingdom gets wiped out Israelbut southern kingdoms survive Judah their ruleslaw get passed ono prophets Hosea Amos and later Ezekiel Isaiah etcmessengers of god usually warning messages predictionsJudaismmessage usually directed towards his ppl choosen pplChristianitymore directed towards all of humanity Moses has more prophetic attributes not a prophet is Judaism
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