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Mar 14 - Hinduism - Paths to Heaven

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Andre Maintenay

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th February 28 , 2011. Hinduism: Paths to Heaven Reading: Ch. 5 The Hindu Tradition, pp. 259-281 Ultimately, Brahman in absolute terms, is beyond characteristic The reality we speak of is Brahman that we all share But not so easy for everybody to conceptualize or access because abstract understanding of reality A lot of people work better in conceptualizing world, being in relationship bw creator and created A lot of people thrive better by thinking of al of reality as being one created by God and we as being subject to some kind of relationship with God Creating dualism bx god and ourselves Hindu traditions accommodates this way of thinking by thinking of Brahman as having certain kinds of characteristics called Saguna Brahman (possessing characteristics, having quality) Ultimately speaking at highest levels of knowledge, reality is one Saguna Brahman is a personified way of understanding Brahman Hindu tradition is a highly individualisti
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