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Hinduism- Dharma

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Andre Maintenay

World Religions Hinduism: Dharma Reading: Ch. 5 “The Hindu Tradition,” pp. 281-325 th March 16 , 2010. • Pravrtti: dharma, artha, kama, moksa are all motivations in life Dharma • That which is the right thing to do • 2 broad categories: common/ordinary and particular • Common/Ordinary – Class of duties that are common to all people at all times in all place regardless of your social location, regardless of your gender 5 basic ideals for Common/Ordinary: 1. Ahimsa (engage in world in spirit of non-harm) 2. Truthful 3. Non-stealing 4. Sexual modesty 5. Non-grasping/non-covetous behaviour • Broader concepts – approach world in spirit of kindness, spirit of friendship, etc. • Particular Based on 4 major categories : • Varna – class/occupation in society – depending on class you belong to, you will have different duties 4 broad classes: 1. Brahman – priestly duties, education 2. Ksatriya 3. Vaisya – economically productive class 4. Sudra – serving classes • Asrama – 4 basic stages of life and depending on what stage we’re at, we will have different stages 1. Student stage – first 25 years, as student have certain obligations, expectation not employed because have own work, not expected to support yourself, expected to be chased 2. Household stage – concerned with marriage around age 25, duty to be sexually engaged, also expectation/duty to be employed and make vast sums of mone
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