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Arti Dhand

Rlg march 21  Words from Monday o Sant o Kabir o Bhakti o Sufism o Tantra  Sikism arises come from here o Nanak o Guru o Adi granth-guru granth shib  scripture  Gurdvara o Literally means the home of the guru o This is the temple in sikism o The guru is god  The most trustworthy guide  Is understand as someone who had the attitude to maintain a persons needs and guide them in their religious quest  Very important in the tantra sect of Hinduism  Sikis believe in egalitarian practices  Langar o Is a communal meal o Its a focal point for the sikis because it brings the community together o Each meal is cooked and crafted through contributions of members  Ppl help cook/donate items and rotate in cooking the meal  Its important because it reflects the ideals of the traditions  Served to everyone regardless of who u r  ppl in india are now questioning whether or not they should sit in chairs bcuz some ppl are elderly and sick etc  the purpose for all sitting is the equality and levelling of society to eat this meal no matter who u r or what your status is (Buddhism, hindusim etc are allowed to take in this meal)  10 diff gurus o All sikism teachings comes from these 10 gurus th  One of the major events that occurs with the 4 guru is that he creates a new city o This city becomes called ambritsar***  This becomes the centre of sik religious practice o 5 guru makes a temple that becomes covered with golden leaves; it becomes called the golden temple th th  In the 17 cen the 5 guru was accused of supporting a rebellion on the muslim community and was excommunicated 
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