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Arti Dhand

Rlg march 28  East asian world view of how world works o The world is eternal o There was no time that it needed to be created (opposite of abrahamic) o The world was always in existence o Our ancestors continue to have an active interest in seeing how things work out with their future generations  Concern of the body o It is a gift to us from our parents and ancestors o And so it is our duty to take care of our bodies  Heaven and earth o They try to theorize the relationship between heaven and earth  Tao** o Literally means the way/ means by which someone does something o Expresses the idea that the universe has a certain rhythm and way of how it works and this rhythm is what we want to identify and align ourselves with this way the universe moves  Ying/yang o Idea that all elements are created/exist as complementary pairs ex: hot/cold, up/down o The circle reps wholeness, entirety and continuity o Its two elements within a circle and its a shifting, balancing thing that changes o Ying is dark element and yang is white element o Dots represent the balancing too
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