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Arti Dhand

Rlg 280 mar 26  Confucianism main founder is Confucius o Hes their leader, teacher etc o One of the most important figures o He didn’t see himself as an initiating a new system o His analysis over society was that society was missing a history; what had made Chinese culture so amazing; he felt that Confucianism lost its history and he wanted to reintroduce the history and past of Confucianism to everyone o Mother died when he was 23 o He went under mourning for 3 years o Major contributions: in the revival of the Chinese classics  6 major classics: comes to be called the Confucius classics  Are texts of poetry, ritual, music etc  Confucian Philosophy o Considered with the rhythm of the natural world o You have heaven up high, humanity is in the middle and then earth  Humans are the connection o They are considered with the position of heaven and earth  Ultimate goal is to see heaven and earth to work together o TAO***  Literally means way; the way to something  This is how we see how things work at the heart of the universe by observing the WAY it works all together  Heaven and earth in relation together work knowing that is a relationship that is reciprocal; they are not independent entities and they both need each other  Its also a relationship that is harmonious and orderly o When its time for the day to end both heaven and earth work together to have the sun go down and allows the moon to rise; there is no conflict  With this relationship they think society should work; harmonious  Life giving: society needs to give life and reproduce children and have reverence
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