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Arti Dhand

RLG feb 6/12  **Mahayana canon isn’t ever really closed o in east asia u c this sect of buddhism o Places emphasis on the leity; they think they have greater ability o They think that living a in a monastic community that one can reach enlightenment o They think that arhant is to narrow and that the ideal of enlightenment is to help the individual and others; they think that its to self centred o Bodhisattva**  One who work to achieve enlightenment like the buhhda through sacrifice  When hes about to reach enlightenment he stops and chooses to continue to work in the world for the welfare of others in community  He refuses to accept the tranquility of enlightenment until he can bring everyone else into enlightenment  This becomes the ideal of their way of reaching enlightenment  They take a bodhisattva vow that they will not accept nirvana until it is collectively achieved with others  They achieve enlightenment by themselves o Concept of Buddha***FS  The three body doctrine  1. Phenomenal body o Refers to historical Buddha  2. Body of bliss**FS o Its an understanding that the Buddha out of compassion creates realms of existing in other parts of the universe; he creates spaces in which we can be reborn;  He creates these spaces because in these envs its easier to practice Buddhist lifestyle and focus on the search for enlightenment; there is no challenges in these societies like work, stress, commitments o Represents the diff realms of the Buddha which are blissful/pleasant in nature  3. Dharma body
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