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Eleanor Pontoriero

RLG309Y Human Rights and Religion in the Post-Cold War Era Second Class September 17 Religion- Jeff Haynes Trends that Haynes sees is desecularization- a move away from a privitazation of religion generally speaking. Especially in southern hemisphere and in countries with post colonial history there is relgious revivalism which intensifies in many countries at the end of cold war era in the 1980s. With the exception of western Europe which has a very strong and aggressive stance of preserving secular democracy supressing religious symbols and identity in public (France) because of the history of enlightenment and French revolution. More so in school age and teenage years where people are forming their identities. Religious revivalvism at the grassroots a return to authentic identity. Religious cultural identity that is not identity of colonial power that inhabited that place for a period of time. In the post colonial phase there is a decolonization a move for that particular country to be independent culturally and politically and religious in terms of identity of people. Churches where people did practice underground in Eastern Germany. A religiousity that was in risk. If you are practicing underground you are practicing in such a way that the political parties will repress and torture people who are found practicing. But it is legal to torture someone practicing but there are exceptions to that rule. They practice religion at risk. In communist country practicing religion can lead to death and it is a criminal act. First trend religious revivalism at the end of cold war era. To foster and to facilitate national identity in the decolonization era also return to authentic identity very much related to issues around self determination and third generation rights. In countries like the US a period of time when you look at when the new christian right began to intensify in that countries when there was an end to one economic world order which also comes and coincides with the end of the cold war era and the emergence of a period of time in one particular point of the first chapter of Gearon text Heynes says that if there wasn’t an enemy then an enemy would have had to be found. And so at the end of cold war era the enemy was not communism it became something else it become something ideologically different. Ideological enemy that Bush really emphasized in his speech after 9/11 which is a type of enemy that he understood as a crusade against those who were enemies. A religious metaphor used Islam and confusionism as enemies. There is a trend of desecularization of religious revivalism of very much defined by the end of cold war era. Religious revivalism taken place in many different countries north and south for various reasons depending upon politics, religion, history of that particular community and also in social lines or cross lines. For example some of the conservative parties or groups are not from the same type of social class. Like countries in middle east, Africa, and Asia where there are post colonial histories and they are now in a decolonization phase what you have is polarization of educated elite within that country a small group of people who were highly educated in British or European institutions. Elite in those countries have more of a hybrid identity in terms of religious and cultural identity. There are grassroots movements takes place in these countries where religious revivalism takes on a different type of form. Lerner At the beginning of 20 century in text religiou
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