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1st, 2nd, 3rd Generation Rights Pages 380.docx

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Ana Ponteriro

RLG309 October 1, 2012 Pages 380-381 Gear on text First generation rights- function to protect the freedom of the individual against oppression and interference of the state and other citizens. (Negative, first general, civil right). UN declaration of 1948. o Nurnberg trials o The Holocaust o Those who were prosecuted were representatives of the State o Right to life is a first generation right Second generation- social welfare rights. Also referred to as positive rights. They function to reduce social inequalities and to assist vulnerable members of our society. o The right to education o Not to be exploited Third generation or solidarity rights. the right to development and the right to self- determination. A group in the community, are vulnerable members in the world, have the right to self determination given their history and present conditions. Example, colonialism, racism, genocide. To protect vulnerable groups of people, by virtue of race, religion, social status, etc.  These three rights should be interdependent.  Mahoney- Page 65 (ties in religion to human rights)  58-59 50 anniversary of the UN declaration human rights  Millennium: to end poverty and hunger, child health, HIV/ AID, women equality, universal education, child and maternal health, global partnership  *Equal in dignity and in rights  Clariyfing Human Rights- Mahoney: Looks at the aspects of w
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