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Islam: Origins, the Life of Muhammad, the Qur’an

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Andre Maintenay

Islam: Origins, the Life of Muhammad, the Quran Reading: Ch. 4 The Islamic Tradition, pp. 199-217 th November 10 , 2010. Islam Arabic word meaning submission or surrender; paradigm for how one should relate to God Person who professes himself to god is a Muslim Completion of ambrahemic tradition Traces origin to Hebrew patriarch Abraham Arabs understand themselves as descendents of Abraham Islam descendent from Abrahams sonHebrew bible son about to be sacrificed Islam refers to same narratives, same characters, but develops own history in relation to stories who in process is a different way from how Hebrew bible Religiously also Abrahams faith in the one god is understood by Muslims as the paradigm for the ideal religious person Abrahams act of total submission before will of god is exemplified in act of sacrifice of his sonseen as paradigmatic, being exlempatory as the ideal of Islam Islam strongly connected to Abrahamic heritage and assumes this heritage (religious and historical) as part of its own self understanding Islam speaks of the many prophet but identifies 5: Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad
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