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Islam - Origins, the Life of Muhammad, the Qur’an

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University of Toronto St. George
Andre Maintenay

Islam: Origins, the Life of Muhammad, the Quran Reading: Ch. 4 The Islamic Tradition, pp. 199-217 th November 15 , 2010. Aristocratic society was divided amongst various influential tribes, most influential was tribe of the Qurayshtribe in which Muhammad was born in 570 CE Islam centered around revelations of greatest prophet Muhammad Muhammads father died before his birth and his mother died shortly thereafter and therefore grew up as an orphan, cared by grandfather, then uncle Know very little of his youth Worked a company carabands on journeys from Mecca to Syria and other places Some point came into employment of wealthy widow, Khadijah whom he eventually married and henceforth he was a little freer financially to focus much more on religious life than on material matters Descriptions of Muhammad as a youthquiet, contemplate nature, honest, mild tempered, referred to by adjective of Al-Amin: somebody who inspires peoples confidence, often settled disputes amongst people About once a year he spent time in seclusion, quiet contemplation during one of these retreats that he undertook on mount Huron, short way from Mecca, where he experienced his first revelationas Muhammad sat one night in solitude of his retreat, an angel appeared
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