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Rituals and Practice, the Modern Period

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Andre Maintenay

Rituals and Practice, the Modern Period Reading: Ch. 2 The Jewish Tradition, pp. 101-128 th October 18 , 2010. Modern Judaism Protestant move is major turning point for Christian evolution in denominations Martin Luther expressed considerable regard for Jewish community 1923 he published pamphlet Jesus was born a Jew Jews are blood relation of our Lord Jews continued to be resistant to conversion of Christianity and his attitude became more hostile towards Jews Later in life wrote If Jews refused to be converted, we ought not to bear with them any longer Until modern period, the period of the enlightenment democratic rights, rational inquiry, scientific inquiry, real critique of religion and reliance of religion Lowering of class barriers French Revolution Propagated ideas that people are created equal; Jews received rights of full citizenship; Napoleon calls meetings of elders of Jewish communities in France and asks them if they want to be French citizens or be ghettoized community; Napoleon abolished ghettos and released Jews into world at large; throughout Europe Jews were asked to stay in ghetto or assimilate in
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