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Christian Origins, Paul, Early Church Doctrines, Monasticism

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University of Toronto St. George
Andre Maintenay

Christian Origins, Paul, Early Church Doctrines, Monasticism Reading: Ch. 3 The Christian Tradition, pp. 131-174 October 25 , 2010. 100 C.E. distinct Christian literature began to develop, floating around various accounts of Jesus life and were to be collected into new kind of scripture New Testament Primary sources are biographically narratives called the Gospel May have been written account of Jesus sayings that have been compiled into one document, translated into Greek, known as Q Gospel Gospels reproduce Jesus saying word for word Q Gospel Relied on oral tradition generated by witnesses or complied from common sources whereas Jesus and his companion spoke language Aramaic, all of Gospels composed in Greek Gospel of Mark oldest and shortest, roughly 64 C.E. (30-35 years after Jesus death) Marks account of Jesus life may have been based on recollections of St. Peter who died in Rome Gospel of Mark talks little of Jesus early life and begins with his Baptist Gospels of Luke and Mathew are longer Gospel of Mathew seems to self consciously addressing Jewish audience, as seen
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