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Methods for the Study Religion; Presuppositions of the Western Traditions

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Andre Maintenay

Methods for the Study Religion; Presuppositions of the Western Traditions Reading: Ch. 11 The Nature of Religion, pp. 541-566 September 27 , 2010. Most approaches (anthropological, sociological, psychological) shared a conviction that religion is a social and psychological phenomenon that can be analyzed scientifically using intellectual tools from the outside. From the mid 20 century onwards, scholars argued that one needs to give voice to communities of belief. And one needs to give voice in cultural descriptions to terms and concepts that are internal of the community. We need to work harder to understand the perspective of religious people from a scholarly standpoint. As scholars we need to look at what it is that religious people believed, perceived and understand than what we are seeing ETIC description one that describes in detail all the elements of something noting patterns, etc from the outside, aspiring to or claiming scientific objectivity. Aspires to represent faithfully of a practitioner of the religion. EMIC description tries to bracket out hisher own perspectiveprejudices on something and try to describe the events, as it might be understood by somebody practicing the religion. Aims to give an insiders perspective on religion. Phenomenology of Religion Is based on scholars, Rudolf Otto, who wrote boo
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