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University of Toronto St. George
Laury Silvers

RLG337 November 1 Lecturest - Protestant reformation - 1500’s during Protestant reformation - Early modern period/time of great witch crazes 1500-1700 - Protestant reformation produced new form of Christianity in Europe - United in opposition to Roman Catholic Church - Different theology and ritual systems - Before 1500, there were many Christians: lay people and clerics who desired political and spiritual reform within the church (long history) - Reform has historical roots, centuries before protestants became along - Reform desired because of lack of education and abuse of power, criticism directed at worldliness of high ranking clergy and popes - New Christianity Protestantism in 16 century, claim to be restoring Christianity to its true Apostolic form - Some Christians remained catholic some became protestant, type of Christian depended on where one resided, changed to whatever the king was - Affect Western, northern, British islands etc.. - Begin 1500 europe was emerging from two centuries of supreme crisis (1300-1500) - Before 1300 things looking good: population and agriculture increasing - First crisis is famine, by 1300 agricultural productivity becomes inadequate to support increasing population, 1300-1320 bad weather year years= failed harvest - Second crisis is disease: great plague, death rates 1/3 to one ½ total population - Third crisis church is corrupted - Protestant Reformation
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